What are Mod? Things to know about modified games & apps

Thursday, 20 October 2022 (2 months ago) 58 views

What is a Mod?

Mod Apps/Games are simply modified versions of official versions to get some extra features like paid features, free ads, works on emulator/root/some game features like one hit kill, unlimited coins/unlocked characters etc.

Are Mod Apks safe?

Yes They are safe to use if you download from trusted sites like ModYolo.Com and Liteapks.com. Both sites are trusted mods made by Trusted Modders, experienced and genuine. If you download from untrusted sites, they may add payload or viral ads etc by putting apps without icons and after installation they won’t show on your phone, but they affect your data and privacy a lot.

Why does Mod APK crash / ask for updates / errors?

The apk developers of these can add protections or signature verification to protect their apps. So when it comes to mod apks, we try our best to crack them and help many people who can’t buy them or unlock them or use them.

1) Crashing:

They might crash on some devices because the mod doesn’t support some devices like Android 12 or 13 or cheaper devices. Because fixing security modders kill apps to fix them. maybe those killers work or can work on a few devices!

What are Mod1

2) Works but 2nd use crashes?:

So it works on your device for the first time but after unlocking it crashes because it checks the signature. so Try Force close That and use everything help to use it normally. but you always have to close when you open these types of apps.

3) Force Updates or Illegal Crad Bans:

So if they caught people using mods, they ban or show some screens to use original software / Force update even if there are no updates for those software.

Mostly this happens in online games like denying pinned mods so don’t worry if those apps don’t work with internet try to use it without internet connection with network blocking apps. Also check once if the update really came or not. If the update came, try downloading again from trusted websites like ModYolo.com and Liteapks.com. If the mod update comes!

Can’t install the app?
Play Protect

Maybe it’s with Play Protect (if it has protections / untrusted signature, then Playstore won’t allow them to be installed). So always use trusted mods and if it’s from a trusted site, avoid installing it. You can decide whether you want to disable Play Protect or not in Playstore! We recommend always turning it on.

Signature error

If the signature of the old version is different from the new or modified versions, you will not be able to install them.
So always use the trusted versions of ModYolo.com and LIteapks.com. because the signatures of both sites are the same, so you can just download and install or update old mods from both sites safely without losing your previous app usage data.

What are Mod2

Example: If you already installed the PicsArt mod from modyolo.com and you need to update, please download it from modyolo.com or liteapks.com and install it on top and it will be updated.
If you care about storage then use liteapks.com to save Storage/Ram and you will experience Smoothness while using only apps but games are same on both sites.

Corrupted Apk Files!

If the apk file is missing files, it will not install. if installed it will crash by itself.

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